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Detailed introduction

RDM PAPER is a high-tech and professional paper producer, and RDM PAPER CO., LIMITED, as its main trade window, specializes in paper import-export business. It runs its own factory, Pingxiang Rong deman Zhuo Technology Paper Co., Ltd., located in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, covered with about 30,000 square meters and can supply 60,000 tons of paper per year, with assets of approximately USD$20 million and output value of about USD$100 million. Products include Jumbo Roll NCR paper and thermal paper and its related converted products, such as£ºthermal POS paper£¬thermal ATM paper£¬thermal FAX paper£¬2- ply carbonless paper rolls£¬ 3-ply carbonless paper rolls, cut size carbonless paper sheets, continuous computer paper and so on.
We have passed ISO9001 certification, FSC certification, SGS certification, China's high quality supplier certification, etc.

What we have£º
A. Technology advantage: Our experience in this line of business for more than 10 years ,together with the most up-to-date technological, a batch of superior technicians with many years of experience in design and manufacture, best trained and skilled workforce ,enables us to accomplish today's customer and market demands.

B. Abundant supply of raw materials: Currently, we adopted imported base paper as raw material or buy domestically, inspect it strictly according to our own standards. And thanks to our suppliers¡¯ support and cooperation all the time, raw material¡¯s supply is sufficient and stable, help us fully guarantee the stable quality of paper.

C. Rich resources: Pingixiang is an important industrial city in Jiangnan Area, one of the leading city of Jiangxi Province, being the key city of Hunan¡ªKiangsi. And known as ¡°the thoroughfare leading to Hunan¡ªKiangsi¡± and ¡°the strategic passage of Wu-Chu¡±, with abundant resources of water, electricity and coal, endows the company with great advantage.

D. Good prospects for NCR development: After 8 years operation, we has successfully entered the market and enjoy good reputation together with many loyal stable clients in China. With the spread of NCR paper and the rapid growth of NCR paper demand, all of our productions are based on high quality and grade, expand production to catch the brisk demand of NCR, improve market share, to meet the market demand.

E. Broader development of Thermal paper: With the rapid development of social economy and technology, thermal paper showing its wide application and important position in the market. We produce thermal paper since 2013 and after one year¡¯s operation, find our market position, and supply high quality thermal paper with low price which highlights our technical advantage.

F. Expand the international market actively: RDM PAPER CO., LIMITED was established in 2013, located in Shenzhen China South City. Based in Shenzhen, with the advantages of the Pearl River Delta steady develop, radiating its profound influence across the whole country and world, Shenzhen China South City is a professional trading center, integrating the trade and exhibition, information exchange, storage and distribution, freight and financial settlement functions. Taking advantage of this, we can provide the whole world market NCR paper with great quality and low price. Considering area difference of our clients, we set up laboratory which can simulate the temperature and humidity all over the world, to ensure the function of NCR and Thermal. Our NCR paper can be storage more than 15 years after colored and thermal paper of more than 5 year.

G. Geographical advantage: all of our import-export goods ship from Shenzhen port or Qingdao port, has an advantageous geographical location.